Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Copying LSMW object from one client to another

LSMW’s can be copied from one client to another client by using the Export and Import option. The steps are detailed below.

Export Project

In the initial screen of the LSMW, select Extras à Export project. This first displays the structure tree of the selected project. Via Select / Deselect you can select whether the entire project or parts of the project are exported. Then select Export. The program then creates an ASCII file.

The selected elements are exported together with their documentation.

Import Project

The exported mapping and rules can be imported into another SAP system by using Import Project option.

On the selection screen, select Extras -> Import. The program then prompts you to enter the name of the PC file. The file is imported and the contents are analyzed. After the analysis, a list of the subprojects and objects found is displayed.

You can now mark the objects to be imported. Project data existing already are check-marked. They are overwritten by the import.

You can prevent a project already existing in the target system from being overwritten by using function "Import under different name".

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