Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tutorials on LSMW

1. Uploading Vendor Master Data using Direct Input Method

2. Uploading Vendor Master Data using Recording Method

3. Migrating Customer data along with relationships (CRM)

4. Step-By-Step Guide for LSMW using ALE/IDOC Method

5. Uploading Purchase Info records using IDOC Method

6. Migration of Bank data using BAPI in LSMW

7. Using BAPI in LSMW (Uploading PO data)

8. Uploading Material Master data using BAPI method

9. Uploading Material Master data using Recording Method

10. Update Customer Master records using Batch Input

11. Uploading Material Master records using Direct Input Method

12. Differences between LSMW and BDC

13. Copying LSMW object from one client to another

14. When Standard BAPI has to be modified for using in LSMW

15. Using routines and exception handling in LSMW

16. Validations in LSMW

17. Uploading long text for Material Master 'Purchase Order Text"

18.Handling multiple recordings in LSMW

19. Creating Normal program (BDC, ALV Report) by using LSMW in non-development clients

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