Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Step-by-step creation of a BAPI with necessary screenshots.

To create the custom BAPI, we need to follow this step-by-step procedure. The steps are

  1. Create the BAPI structure.

  2. Create Remote Function Module.

  3. Place the Remote Function Module into BOR (Business Object Repository).

  4. Implement, Generate and Release the BAPI.

Step 1: To create BAPI structure, the structure name should start with the keyword ZBAPI. Here, Two BAPI structures are created in this scenario .The name of these BAPI structures are ZBAPI_IMPORT and ZBAPI_TABLE.

Step 2: ZBAPI_IMPORT structure contains the following fields.

Step 3: ZBAPI_TABLE structure contains the following fields.

Step 4: Now, define the Remote Enabled Function Module using T-Code SE37 starting with the ZBAPI . Provide the name of the function module as ZBAPI_DEMO_SD. We must pass the Import and export parameters as value parameters.

Attribute Parameters:

Import Parameters:

Export Parameters:

Return parameter in the Export parameter contains the error messages. Here, we must create a parameter of type structure BAPIRETURN either in Export Parameter or Table Parameter.

Table Parameters:

Source Parameter:

Step5: Place this Function Module in to BOR using the T-code SWO1. Provide the name of the object and press create button.

Provide the following details.

Step 6: Add our Custom BAPI using Utilities->API Method->Add Method

Now, Provide the created Custom Function Module name and click enter.

Press the Next Step Button.

Press the Next Step Button.

Click the YES button.

Now, Method is added in the BOR.

And Press Save button.

Step 7: Now Implement the BAPI.

Now, Generate the BAPI by clicking symbol ‘ball’.

Lastly, Release the BAPI.

Step 8: Now test the BAPI by clicking Execute Button.

The following screen appears and click execute button.

Provide the sales document number and press execute button.

Now check the output as follows…


john said...

thaks for ur updata and let me know about badi basic and one real time ex with screen shot

john said...

thanks for ur posting and now i want to know badi both se18 and se19 plz send me with screen shot

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