Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Uploading long text for Material Master 'Purchase Order Text"

Requirement: Loading the purchasing long text for the given materials.

The flat file in our example contains the long text for multiple materials. The header record contains the material information (Material Number and Text ID) and is identified by the starting character ‘H’. The item records contain the long text to be uploaded for the material and the starting character ‘I’ identifies the record. See the screenshot below:

Create a Project, Subproject and Object in the LSMW transaction

1. Maintain Object Attributes

Select the standard direct input method

Object - 0001

Method - 0001

2. Maintain Source Structures

Create two structures one for Header and one for Item. The item structure will be at lower level for the Header

3. Maintain Source Fields

Define the fields as per the flat file structure. In both the structures the first field must be identifier. Create the identifier field of character 1 and specify the identifying field content 'H' for header structure and 'I' for item stricture as shown below.

Here the Field LINE of item structure is char 132, so each text line from the input file must be less than or equal to the length 132.

4. Maintain Structure Relations

Assign the header source structure to the Header target structure and Item source structure to Item target structure.

5. Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Map the source fields to the target fields

Header mapping

For NAME and ID map the source fields MATNR and TEXID respectively.

For OBJECT and SPRAS pass the constants. To enter a constant value for any field, place the cursor on the field and enter a value by clicking on constant button available in the application toolbar.

Item mapping

For TEXTFORMAT pass the constant '*' and for the TEXTLINE map the input field LINE of the ITEM structure.

Save the changes.

6. Specify Files

Place the cursor on Legacy data and click create button

Enter the input file details

Select the Radio button 'data for Multiple source structures' as we are populating the header and Item structures from the same input file

Select the delimiter 'Tabulator', if the fields in the input file are separated by tab.

7. Assign Files

Assign the input file to both the structures

8. Read Data

Execute the Read data.

9. Display Read Data [optional]

10. Convert Data - Execute the convert data

11. Display Converted Data [optional]

12. Start Direct Input Program - Execute this step.

Result: The Long text will be updated for the given Materials

Transaction MM03, View - Purchase order text

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