Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Including the Standard Texts (SO10) and any other Long Texts in the Adobe Forms

First Step: Creating the Interface (Ex: ZCHANDU)

Transaction code SFP

Creating an Import parameter VALUE of type ZTEST_S. Structure of ZTEST_S is in the next slide. Activate the Interface.

Second Step: Form Design

Transaction code SFP

Create a form (Ex: ZCHANDU) and provide the interface name created above

Creating a Text node by right clicking on the top node ZCHANDU and then


In the properties of the TEXT node select Text type Include Text and then provide the Text Name, Text Object, Text ID and Text Language values as shown below.

Drag the VALUE structure from the interface into the Context.

We can pass the Text node properties values dynamically as well. An example is shown below:

Next go to the Layout Tab:

The Data view Palette screen shot is shown below.

Drag the TEXT node into the BODY subform at the desired location.

The Hierarchy Palette and the Body pages screen shot is shown below.

Activate the Form.

Testing: Provide the values for the structure VALUE as below.


The screen shot of the Standard text created in Transaction SO10 is as below:

Limitations of Include Texts in Adobe Forms:

  • If the values of the Text Symbols are coming into the Form in an internal table then we would not be able to use the Include text, as in Adobe Forms between the internal table name and the field names a DATA node is inserted due to the XML naming conventions and this DATA node is the one that creates the problem. Even though we have the table name and the field names same as in the Standard text, the error would be that the field is not found.

  • The Text Symbols values must be coming from the Interface. If we are using Script (Formcalc or JavaScript) and filling the Field values, then those values would not be passed to the standard text, even though we have the calculated value in the Field and be able to print it.

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