Friday, August 26, 2011

Steps to configure Document text in Customer Invoice Entry (FB70) transaction

This article shows how to configure document header text in FB70 transaction. It uses the same text determination techniques.

Problem Statement or Requirement Details:

In transaction FB70 which is used to post Customer invoice documents, the client needs a new text id to capture the Vessel Name.

Standard SAP does not provide a screen exit for this transaction which could be used to enhance the std screen to capture the additional data in FB70 transaction.

Solution provided was to create a new document text id which can be configured in the system. This text id can be used to store the Vessel name in the text which can then be used while printing the layout.

The following screen shot shows the FB70 transaction.

As seen above, there are only three text ids currently. We will configure the third fourth text id which will appear below the “Payment Advice Information” text.

The following steps below will show how to configure the text in SPRO.

Step 1 à Goto SPRO à Financial Accounting à Financial Accounting Global Settings à Document à Document Header à Define Text ID’s for Documents.

As seen from the above screen the 3 text id selected are the ones visible on the FB70 transaction. So if you want to have your own text to be displayed click on the Create button on the application tool bar and create your own text id’s.

In our case we will create a text id with the number 0005.

Select the check box so that this text id is made available in FB70 transaction. Click on the save once done.

Since this is a customizing the system will prompt to create a customizing request.

Now if you go back to the FB70 transaction you can find the new text visible under the Document header text

User can make a entry in this field and save the document.

Click on continue and save the document.

The vessel name is now captured in the Customer Invoice document.

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