Tuesday, February 1, 2011

eCATT Prerequisites

  • Web Application Server (WAS) 6.20 or more.

  • SAPGUI 6.20 or more.

  • R/3 4.6C or more. (Target system must have sufficient support package level (Details available in SAP Note 519858) or SAP R/3 Enterprise Release 4.7).

Before creating Test Scripts using eCATT, some system settings need to be done:

Maintain table T000.

1. Go to transaction SM31

2. Enter T000 and chose MAINTAIN.

3. In the Change View “Clients”: Overview screen, select the relevant client and choose “Details”

4. In the “CATT and eCATT Restrictions” field, select “CATT and eCATT allowed”.

5. Click on SAVE.

Enabling scripting at the Front-end

1. On any SAP GUI screen, choose “Customizing of Local Layout”.

2. Choose Options

3. Choose “Scripting Tab”

4. Select “Enable Scripting”

5. Click Apply and then OK.

Enabling Scripting on the Application Server

1. Go to transaction RZ11.

2. On the Maintain Profile Parameters screen, enter sapgui/user_scripting.

3. Choose Display.

4. If the Current Value is not set to TRUE, then click on Change Value:

5. Enter TRUE in the “New Value”.

6. Click on SAVE.

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