Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to search Web Dynpro component for a particular method or statement?


As SAP didn’t provide any direct option to search the Web Dynpro, the developer has to search for each and every window, views, and methods etc. Searching one by one view is a tedious process and time consuming.

Say for example:

If the developer wants to search for some statement, here I would like to check whether the database table S715 is used in my web Dynpro component ZCD0_WD_FORECAST or not. If so, then I would like to collect all instances where it is used, the views and methods it is used.


SAP has provided a Class to get the class name of the any Web Dynpro component:



Execute ( ) the method GET_CLASSNAME_FOR_COMPONENT. Also look at the other methods in this class and their purpose.

Provide the Web Dynpro component name as input:

/1BCWDY/G0DNP6DCGHZPKYVE15GZ class is a SAP generated one for the Web Dynpro component ZCD0_WD_FORECAST. Searching this class is same as we search in other normal class.

Open the class /1BCWDY/G0DNP6DCGHZPKYVE15GZ in SE24 and search (Ctrl+F) the class for the statement ‘S715’. Please find result in below screen shots, it shows all instance where this table is used by providing all details like view name, method.

Global Search:

Search Results:

The below screen shows the View name and method name in which S715 table is used. And also you can observe all tabs which you find same in Web Dynpro.

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