Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Handling favorites in ABAP Workbench

This document details the procedure in handling the favorites in the ABAP Workbench. I would always want to add my frequently used objects in the favorites. For our learning purpose, let us add the package SWDP_DEMO_TUTORIALS (Demo tutorials for Web Dynpro ABAP) to the favorite list.

Go to Transaction SE80 and select “Package” from the list box. Enter the package name SWDP_DEMO_TUTORIALS as shown below:

Now open the list box “Favorites” and click on Add:

The following message appears:

Now verify the same by opening the favorites:

This way, we can add the recently used objects in the favorites list.

To download/Upload favorites from one system to another:

In the favorites, click on Edit as shown below:

Following screen appears:

Using the Download/Upload buttons, we can either download/upload the favorites from one system to another.

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