Sunday, February 6, 2011

Configuration for SAP Query

SAP R/3 Query tools (SAP Query) are based on the following four main components:

  • Query Areas

  • Query Groups

  • InfoSets

  • Administrative Decisions (Company-specific)

Configuration of the Query tools is done in the following manner:

  • Create Query Groups

  • Assign Users to Query Groups

  • Create InfoSets

  • Assign each InfoSet to a Query Group.

Create Query Groups

· Go to Transaction SQ03.

· Ensure that you are in the correct SAP Query area by navigating to Environment à Query Areas

· Select the “Standard Area (Client-specific).

· Now in the main screen, enter the name of the Query Group in the User Group field and click on CREATE

· Enter the description of the User Group in the next popup that appears.

· User Group ZSAPTECH_GRP is created.

Assign Users to Query Groups

· Click on the “Assign Users and InfoSets” button

· Enter the SAP User-Ids of all the users you wish to include in the test group.

Click on SAVE to save your entries.

Create InfoSets

· Go to transaction SQ02

· Ensure that you are in the correct SAP Query area by navigating to Environment à Query Areas

· Enter the name of the InfoSet you wish to create and click on CREATE.

· Enter the title and the logical database on the popup screen that appears.

We have used the LDB F1S (Flight bookings related) for our demo purpose.

· Change InfoSet screen appears.

· Expand the tree on the left hand side to view the fields in each table. As seen on the screen, the left side of the screen shows the tables and the fields. The right side displays the field groups.

· Now we need to assign fields to the field groups. These field groups will display in the SAP Query tool during reporting. Please note that only the fields that are included here will be available for field selection in the SAP Query Tool that uses this infoSet as a data source.

· Select the field group on the right side and then drag and drop the fields from the left side to this field group. · When all the required fields are added, click on SAVE.

· Now generate the InfoSet by clicking on GENERATE.

Attach each InfoSet to a Query Group

· Go to transaction SQ02

· Enter the InfoSet name created above and click on “User Group Assignment” button.

· Select the query group “ZSAPTECH_GRP” from the above list and click on SAVE.

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