Tuesday, February 1, 2011

eCATT vs Mercury QTP

SAP eCATT is a automation tool meant for functional testing in SAP. It comes with WAS. Latest version is WAS 6.40. It is made in ABAP.

QTP is Mercury's tool, which is a third party tool for automation testing. The language used here is VB Script.

Both the tools are good. But the only drawback with eCATT as of now is that it can execute web based SAP transactions except WebDynpro. So if the testing of SRM, CRM etc is involved, one is forced to use QTP.

QTP takes the wrapping of eCATT and executes in SAP.

If only SAPGUI based transactions are involved in testing than eCATT is the best tool to be used. And if web based transactions are also involved, forced to go for QTP.

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