Saturday, December 18, 2010

Creating layout from an existing PDF file and capture the values into Web Dynpro attributes

Go to transaction SE80.

Create a Web Dynpro Component with the following details




Double-Click on Component Controller. Create the following Context node.

Now create an attribute under the node Node1 as follows.

Go to the view ZLAV_FVIEW’s Context. It appears as follows.

Drag and Drop the Node1 onto the View’s Context.

Create a node pdfsource in the view’s context.

Create an attribute PDFSRC under this node.


Now go to Layout tab and create an Interactive Form element.

Enter the following properties.

Double click on the template source. You will get a popup.

Enter zlav_upload_pdfand click on Context.

Select Node1 and press ok

Now Adobe designer opens up as follows.

Now go to Tools ->Import.

Select any PDF file you want to upload. After selecting the file, you will get a Import options to be populated. Key in the following options.

Press OK.

You will see the layout as follows.

Now go to Master page, Select the field for which you want to capture the value. Say Date Of Birth.

Go to Pallets->Object.

Select the type as Text field. Then Object palette looks as below.

Now change the default binding as follows.

A popup appears for Binding Properties. Select the following and press enter.

Now activate all the objects. Create Web Dynpro Application and execute it.

The output appears as follows.

Here the default value of Date of birth comes from Node1->TEXT.

This way we can upload layout from existing PDF file and bind the fields.

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