Friday, March 25, 2011

Creation of a table pool and pooled table

In this Tutorial, we create a Table pool first and then create/ (add a table to Table pool) a Pooled Table.

Step 1:

Go to transaction SE11. Go to Utilities à Other Dictionary Objects

Step 2:

Select Radio button Table pool/Cluster Give table Pool Name: ZTBL_POOL.

Then press F5 or choose Create.

Step 3:

Then Select Radio button Table Pool. Press Enter.

Step 4:

Then you go to maintain Poll Screen there give Short Description.

Step 5:

Then go to Technical settings.

Step 6:

In the “Maintain technical Settings” screen Provide Size category.

Save and activate the table Pool. Go back to SE11.

Step 7:

Go to SE11 ABAP Dictionary: Initial Screen.

Create a Z table.

Step 8:

Maintain Delivery and Maintenance attributes for the Z table.

Add fields to the Z table.

Maintain Technical settings and Enhancement Category.

Step 9:

Then Go to Extrasà Change table category

Step 10:

Choose Table type.

In our Example it is Pooled table.

Step 11:

Go back to Delivery and Maintenance tab and provide Pool/Cluster value.

We have successfully created Table pool and Pooled table.

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