Thursday, February 10, 2011

SAP ABAP Technical Interview Questions( Data Dictonary )

  1. What is data Dictionary?
  2. What is the difference between open sql & native sql ?
  3. Difference between Pooled, cluster & transparent tables?
  4. What is Primary key, foreign key ? what is primary index?
  5. secondary index?
  6. how many indexes can be created for a table?
  7. what is a value table?
  8. what are the components of a table?
  9. what is a domain?
  10. what is a data element?
  11. what is data class?
  12. can you create a table with out a data element?
  13. can you create a field with out a data element?
  14. What approach you prefer for creating a table?
  15. Give few names of cluster tables in sap?
  16. Give few names of pooled tables in sap?
  17. give few names of transparent tables?
  18. what is a buffer and how many types?
  19. what is table maintenance generator and how to create that?
  20. What is the transaction code? How to add new fields to a standard sap table ?
  21. How many types of table joins are there? difference between inner join & outer join?
  22. Difference between "select * from mara" and "select single * from mara"?
  23. what is a match code ? Lock objects ? what are views?
  24. what are logical tables/database?
  25. what is the difference bet'n table and a structure?

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