Thursday, February 3, 2011

Setting the screen elements as mandatory in the transaction DP95 using Enhancement Framework


In this scenario, we would set the fields ‘Sales’ and ‘Order’ as Mandatory in the transaction DP95. Following are the technical attributes of these fields (go to technical details by clicking on F1 on the fields)

Screen field names – so_vbeln-low(Sales) and so_aufnr-low (Order).

Go to system à status

Double click on Program RVPKMASS.

Click on “Spiral Button” or ProgramàEnhance

Click on “Spiral Button” or ProgramàEnhance

Edit à enhancement operationsàShow implicit enhancement

Place the cursor on the enhancement point and create the enhancement is as shown below screen. Enhancement implementationàcreate

Create the New Enhancement is as shown in below screen.

Select the appropriate enhancement and click on continue.

Place the below code in the enhancement spot.

At selection-screen output.
Loop at screen.
If screen-name = 'so_vbeln-low'.
Screen-required = '1'.
Modify screen.
If screen-name = 'so_aufnr-low'.
Screen-required = '1'.
Modify screen.


Click on Save, Check and Activate.


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