Friday, November 30, 2012

ABAP Workbench

The ABAP Workbench includes all the tools that you need for creating and modifying the ABAP Repository Objects. With these tools, the developer can cover the entire development cycle.
These are the most important tools:
  • ABAP Editor: edit source code
  • ABAP Dictionary: for editing database tables definitions, central data types...
  • Screen Painter: for editing dynpros (screens)
  • Menu Painter: used to design user interfaces (menu bar, application and standard toolbar, function key settings)
  • Function Builder: create and edit Function Modules
  • Class Builder: for maintaining global classes and interfaces
Through transaction SE80 you can access all of these tools.

Editing objetcs through the ABAP Workbench

If you want to edit an object inside the inside the workbench, by double-clicking on it automatically launches the tool that was used to create the object. You can even add break-points by double-clicking in the program or function inside the ABAP workbench.

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