Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Standard BAPI change / Function Group enhancement procedure

All application function modules (BAPI) can be enhanced by adding parameters to the standard function module interface. These parameters must be ‘optional’ in nature, since adding a mandatory parameter will require all calls to be changed. Additionally any function module that is part of the Central Basis cannot be enhanced

You can do the following things for a BAPI (Compatible enhancement) are:

  • New optional fields in structures, if these are added to the end of a structure

  • New optional parameters

You can do the below modification for a BAPI (Incompatible enhancements) are:

  • Changes to the field length

  • Changes to the field type

  • Inserting a field within a structure

  • Deleting parameters and fields

  • Adding new mandatory fields or mandatory parameters

Example: function module ‘BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2” . From the menu, choose ‘Function module -> Enhance interface’ to add optional parameters to a function module.

Once you click the Enhance Interface. You will be finding the screen as below:

Click on create at bottom left. Pass the enhancement implementation name and short text. Once you done creation you will find the enhancement in the above screen.

Ex : Sales_order_add_fields

Select that enhancement and click enter.

Press Yes. Then you will be finding the screen as shown below. You can add new fields as per the requirement.

After adding the required fields, we need to add the custom code for processing. To add the code into the BAPI / Function module:

Place the cursor on the enhancement spot where we need to add the code and right click and implement the enhancement by selection the create.

Following screen would appear:

Select the enhancement and press enter.

In the above screen you can find the red colored line (Begin Enhancement … End enhancement). In between that you can add you own code.

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