Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Uploading Purchase Info records using IDOC Method

Requirement is to convert Purchase info records data from an excel sheet into SAP ECC using IDOC.

Step1 : Create project using transaction LSMW .

Step2: Select maintain attributes Radio Button:

Step3: Maintain attributes

Select IDOC radio button and give "Message Type and " Basic Type".

Click on Save .

Step4: Activating IDOC Inbound processing.

The following screen shots explain the activating IDOC Inbound processing.

Click " IDOC inbound processing “ under settings.

Here maintain ' port ' and 'partner type ' and partner number here and press 'Activate Idoc inbound processing ".

Here for message type "SRCLST” process code is "SRCL”. This has to maintain while maintaining partner type.

Step5: Maintain source structures

Click on "Maintain source structures “ Radio Button. Click on source structures and then click on create.

Step6: Maintain Source fields

Step7: Maintain structure relations

Click on structure relation and click on relation ship as shown above to maintain relationship.

Step8: Maintain field mapping

And press F8.

Extras -> Auto field mapping. Press enter until you get a popup message field mapping completed.

Step9: Specify Files

Click on legacy data while taking file from presentation server and click create.

Step10: Assign files:

Step 11: Read data:

Step12: Display Read data:

Step13: Convert Data:

Step14: Start IDOC generation:

We will get popup like this

Click on

Step 15: Create IDOC overview:

We will get idocs created for such records.

For e.g as shown below.

Here the status "GREEN" means IDOC got posted in status 53.

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