Saturday, December 18, 2010

Translations in Web Dynpro for ABAP

Create a webdynpro component

Press on YES then enter description

You should save webdynpro component assigned to a package otherwise we can’t translate the webdynpro component

Create a view in the in the component

Create a button and label also set label for property of LABL to RootUIElimentContainer

Now go to menu bar and select GOTO from there select OTR

Now select the node with your package name and press on create button

Provide BUTTON_ENGLISH as alias name and text as bellow then save it

Save it in your request

Similarly create alias as LABEL_ENGLISH and save in the request

Now go to button property and set the text as below

Select the text for the button as below

Place the cursor on Button English then press Double click

Now Press

Similarly select the text for the label as below

Now Press

Now embed the view to window as bellow

Now save the application and create a webdynpro application

Now go to SE63 :

Provide the details, as below ZZTEST is our Package name

when expand it you will get

When you double click you can give your translation

Similarly you can set the label translation

Now test the application


In URL change language En to DE and see the result:

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