Thursday, February 10, 2011

SAP ABAP Real Time Questions

  1. Which client number you use for the current project?
  2. You are running a report. It is taking long time for execution. What steps will you do to reduce the execution time.
  3. After running a BDC program in background, next day morning when you see the results, few records are not updated(error records). What will you do then?
  4. You are given functional specs for a BDC program and you need to decide whether to write a method call transaction or a session. How u will decide?
  5. What is the difference between report and script?
  6. what are the differences between scripts & smart forms?
  7. what are enhancements?
  8. what are user-exits?
  9. what is badi?
  10. what is the difference between user-exit & BADIs?
  11. what is the difference between user-exit & customer-exit?
  12. how do you get functional specs when you are assigned some object? (specs through email..??)
  13. How do you write technical specs?
  14. Howdo you write UTP?(unit test plan)


bhavani said...

i want to know the real time work process to create any object.,i.e about the functional & technical spects.

siddu.SAP said...

Hi Bhavani,siddu here, r u trying on ABAP?

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