Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adding a field (material group) in the layout of Batch Information Cockpit (BMBC)

1. Requirement: Add field (MARA-MATKL) in the layout of BMBC.

2. Go to ST05.

Active the table buffer trace.

Run BMBC transaction.

Deactivate the trace.

Display the trace with objects V_EXT_ACT.

BIC_ADDITIONAL_DATA is the BADI we can use for adding the new field

Alternatively, go to SPRO

3. Go to SE18 Badi Definition: BIC_ADDITIONAL_DATA

4. Create an implementation Z_ADDITIONAL_DATA.

5. Add the code in the method MASTER_COLUMNS_ADD and activate. Put the code in if-endif block with user name. After successful testing remove the if-endif block.

6. Result:

Set a break-point to the code for testing and run the transaction BMBC.

7. Material group has been added

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