Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adding custom fields to the FI report FBL5N using BTEs

Example Scenario: When we run FBL5N, we need to have additional columns (Custom Fields) Billing Plant and Description.

Now for the above requirement, we need to do following in FIBF tcode (BTE).

Give a Product name

Select the appropriate event which gets triggered during the execution of the tcode FBL5N.

Against the Event assign the Product name which was created above and assign a function module name (the procedure to create the correct function module can be found at this link )

In FBL5N, we need to have two additional columns, Billing plant and Description. For this we need to append a structure with two fields in RFPOS structure and RFPOSX structure.

Then we need to execute a Report RFPOSXEXTEND

Select YES

Code written in the Function module is as follows


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