Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pop up a screen when a specific event has been triggered

Create Web Dynpro component wit name zsk_web_popup

Save as a local Object

Create a view with name popup_view

Create a button on the main view with text click here for popup

Go to properties of the button and create an action

Give the action name as click_popup and save .

Now go to popup view and create a label with text “Nice to see you”

Create window for popup

Embed the view popup_view in the window popup_window and save.

Now go to MAIN view and double click on the action CLICK_POPUP

Now click on the Wizard button

Select the generate popup

Select popup_window and press enter code will be generated for popup.

Now create web dynpro application

Fill interface view and plug name as below then save and activate the application.

When you test the application the result will be as below.

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