Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creating Normal program (BDC, ALV Report) by using LSMW in non-development clients

For our demo purpose, we shall create one program for uploading text in the contract (Material Management) by splitting TEXT into 132 character and display the list of updated contracts.

Step 1: Go to transaction LSMW

Step 2: Click on "Create Entry" and Create a LSMW Project

Click on "Continue".

Step 3: Create 'SubProject'.

Click on "Continue"

Step 4: Create Object.

Click on Continue

Click on Continue

Step 5: Select the first step "Maintain Object Attributes" and click on "Execute".

Here select the recording method.

Enter the Recording NAME and Descriptions.

Press Continue button.

Enter the Transaction Code.

Press Continue Button.

And press Back Button.

Now Save the Recording and press back Button.

Now press back button.

Now Save the change and come back.

Step 6 : Select the step "Maintain Source Structure " and click on " Execute".

Save and Go back .

Step 7 : Select “Maintain Source Fields” and Execute

Place cursor on structure name and click on

And declare the one Dummy field.

Save and come back.

Step 8 : Select “Maintain Structure Relations” and Execute:

Save and come back.

Step 9 : Maintain field mappings and conversion rules

Now check for Syntax and save it.

After save come back.

Step 10 : Declare all the required events with routines.

Declare all the required perform statements in these block.

Don't check

Save and come back.

Define the code for above perform statements.

Save and come back to the previous screen.

Save and come back.

Step 11: Maintain fixed Values, Translations, User -Defined Routines

Nothing should be done in this step. (We will go for this step rarely).

Step 12: Specify files:

Here to specify files take file from legacy data (on the pc front end) .

Create Text file with field name DUMMY1. and specify the file.

Click on legacy data and click create button. And browse for your flat file on your pc . (create flat file for your structure in second step.).

And press continue.

Now save and come back.

Step 13 : Assign Files

Step 14 : Read Data

Step 15: Convert Data

Press F8.


Go to transaction ME33K and check the contract.

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