Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Increasing the width of the spool when using ALV List

Whenever an ALV report (with more number of columns) is scheduled in background, the output will be displayed in a zigzag fashion as shown below:

If we try to download the output from the spool or try to view the output, then we observe that the output is not in an appropriate fashion.

To get the right format of output in the spool we generally increase the “no. of columns field” in the Format types”. Have a look at the following screenshot:

Sometimes even when we change this field, we get the output truncated at the end, like last few columns are not displayed. There is certain limitation for this field, so that even if increase this value again, we find no change in the output display in spool.

This value is effective only when we check the check box “Number of columns from list display format” in the SPAD transaction.

Ø GO to SPAD Transaction code

Ø In the menu Settings -> Spool System as shown below…

Ø In the others tab check the first check box in the Output Controller block, SAVE and exit.

Now Schedule the ALV report again by providing the output device and format, and then we get the full output in the spool as shown below:

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