Friday, March 11, 2011

Role Transfer from SAP to Enterprise Portal

1. You can upload the objects from the ABAP-based SAP component system to SAP NetWeaver Portal. This presentation gives step by step procedure to achieve the above objective.

2. Select the SAP system and search for the respective roles in the SAP system and select the role to be transported and click on add

3. Select the system and click next

4. Select the appropriate options and start upload

5. Wait until the status is finished

6. You can see the role created in portal content (note: by default the migrated objected are visible under the content Administration-> portal content-> migrated content-> roles-> “system name”

7. You can configure the service for uploading roles and other content
under System Administration
® System Configuration ® Service Configuration in the System Administration role. Expand the hierarchy under Application, and search for service
Expand the structure below and double-click on the service.
You can now define your settings and change the default settings if necessary.
Save your changes and start the service again in order for the settings to take effect.

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