Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Printing labels using Adobe Forms

Go to transaction SFP. Create an interface

Save it.

Go to Import parameters, click on create.

Enter the following details

Double click on TYPES. Enter the following code.

types: begin of ty_vbak,
type vbak-vbeln,
type vbak-audat,
type vbak-vbtyp,
type vbak-auart,
end of ty_vbak,
type table of ty_vbak.

Now go to GLOBAL DATA and click on create.

Enter the following values.

Now go to INITIALIZATION and enter the following code.

Activate the interface.

Now go and create a form.

Enter the interface name and press SAVE.

Drag and drop GT_VBAK into Context .

Go to Layout tab. It appears as follows.

Drag and drop Content area from Library into the layout. Name it as Cont1

Go to Master Page tab and reduce the size of the Content Area.

Drag and Drop all the fields from GT_VBAK into the Design vew..

Create 3 more Content areas as below and name them as Cont2,Cont3 and Cont4.

Select all the fields from GT_VBAK and wrap them in a subform.

Name them as Subform1 and Subform2.

Select Subform1 and goto Palettes->Object. Make the content as Flowed.

Go to Binding tab and select the check Box Repeat Subform.

Go to the Pagination Tab. Select After Go to Next Content Area.

Save and Activate the form.Execute the form for the following Sales orders.






The output appears as below.


Page 2

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