Monday, August 29, 2011

MRP Run in background for all Network Plants


To understand how to take MRP Run in Background for All Network Plants, using Transaction Code:-MDBT.

Scope: To view Background MRP List.


Please follow the procedure as given below:

Transaction code


Menu Path

SAP menu à Logistics à Production à MRP à Planning à Total Planning à MDBT--Background MRP

After filling information please click on Attributes. Here you need to do configuration for Scope of Planning (TCode: OM0E) or you can select single plant also. In Scope of planning you take multiple plants.

Here you select different option as per your requirement like protect variant.

After Saving Variant you will get Variant SCM VB Saved.

We need to start our background MRP Run through Tcode- MDBT.

Then go Tcode: SM37- Job Overview

After Successful completion of Background Job, please select the Job & then Click on Spool

Here you will MRP list generated through Background MRP Job. This list will show which materials are
planned with Plant & their exception group.

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