Monday, August 29, 2011

Converting Planned Orders to Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

We can create planned orders & convert them into purchase requisition or into production order.

In the material master ,MRP2 view give the procurement type as 'X', for both internal & external procurement.

Also include purchasing view for this material.

When you run MRP using md02, a planned order will be created for the requirement (Eg: say 100 no's given using transaction code MD61).

Use transaction code MD04 to view the stock/requirement list.

Here double click the planned order, you can see tabs such as convert into purchase requisition, into production order, into process order.

Click convert into Purchase Requisition & enter 50 Nos. Then a Purchase Requisition will be created which can be further converted into Purchase Order.

Again come to md04 screen.

You can see a planned order & Purchase Requisition for 50 no's.
This planned order can be converted into production order & 50 no's can be produced internally.

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Bose said...

Short articles, but very informative stuff on converting purchase requisition and Purchase Requisition Form, thanks so much for the wealth of the resource!

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