Thursday, February 3, 2011

Navigating and data transfer between different pages

The values can be navigated between pages either by using NAVIGATION OBJECT or COOKIES. Using NAVIGATION OBJECT, we can transfer only the values where as by COOKIES, we can pass tables too.

Step1: You can find the Objects and their signature for individual events handler by choosing SIGNATURE button in web application browser.

Step2: In this navigation object, we have methods which are used to determine the characters of subsequent page and the methods which can be used to pass the values from one page to its subsequent pages.

We can use NEXT_PAGE method to determine the subsequent page and SET_PARAMETER method to transfer the values between pages.

Step3: To transfer the values between pages, we have to define the parameters as AUTO PAGE ATTRIBUTE (in case of OBJECT NAVIGATION) as shown.

Step4: In event handler,

Step5: We can also transfer the values using COOKIES too. Here, we have to set the cookie (using NAME parameter) and get the cookie in subsequent page.

We have to mention the expiry date of cookie also.

Step6: We have to get this cookie in subsequent page of OnRequest Event handler as shown below.

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