Saturday, December 18, 2010

Demo on inserting a logo using ABAP Web Dynpro


To insert Logo or Image in Web dynpro using UI element.

Creating a Web Dynpro Component

Start ABAP Workbench (SE80) and select Web-Dynpro-Comp./Intf. from the available object list.

Enter a Web Dynpro component ZWD_LOGO and click on ENTER.

In the dialog box that appears, you can enter a description of the new object and select the checkbox “Web Dynpro Component”. In this dialog you also have the chance to maintain the name of the default window.

Assign the component ZWD_GRAPH to the required package.

You can now see the newly created Web Dynpro component ZWD_LOGO object tree, which contains the objects component controller, component interface (which contains the entries interface controller and interface views) and windows.

Creating a new Mime Object as shown below.

Following screen appears. Select the file containing the logo or the image to be uploaded.

Enter the description of the Image or Logo. Click on Save.

Now go to the view and click on the Main view.

Now right click on the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER and select “Insert element” as shown below.

Now enter the name of the UI element and select the “Image” as “Type”.

Now go to the properties of the UI element and select the source as shown below. And click on the Component Images tab. And then click to the Image.

So now your Layout will look like this.

Now save the application and create a Web dynpro application as shown below.

Enter the Description for the Application. Save and activate the application.

Now test the application. The result should look like this.


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