Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Printing Address using Business Address Services (BAS)

Instead of using custom tables for address information, many applications access Business Address Services (BAS). In the Business Address Services, addresses are identified by means of numbers.

The addresses that you integrate in form's layout will be formatted in accordance with country-specific conventions.

Step 1: Go to Transaction SFP and Create an Interface.

Step 2: Define Import parameter under Form Interface.


Step 3: Save and activate the interface.

Step 4: Now create the form as shown below. .

Step 5: A pop up window would appear where we need to assign the interface name to form and also the description of the form. Press Save button.

Step 6: In the context part of the form Create Address Node as shown below.

Step 7: Click on the Address node and set the properties as shown below.

Step 8: In the Layout part of the form, Drag and drop the Address Field.

Step 9: Set the Object properties of Address text field as shown below.

Step 10: Set the Border properties of Address text field as shown below.

Step 11: Drag the static text from the library into the form and provide the descriptions of the fields.

Step 12: Save and activate the form.

Step13: Test form, by entering Address type, Address Number and Sending Country.

Note: Person Number is optional; it is applicable for Address type 2 and 3.

Step 14: Execute the form. The output is as shown below:

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