Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Achieving Conditional-breaks in Adobe Forms

This is one of the scenarios where we need to trigger page breaks based on some condition. For example, we need to trigger page break for each change of CONNID. For that we use CONDITIONAL BREAKS in PAGINATION of OBJECT palette.

Step1: Create interface ‘ZTEST_CONDITION_INTERFACE’ using the transaction SFP.

Step2: Now define global parameter as shown.

In Code Initialization, write the following code.

Save and activate the interface.

Step3: Come back to initial screen of Form builder and create form ‘ZTEST_CONDITION_FORM’.

Step4: In layout tab,

Drag and drop the internal table to layout editor.

Change the body page ‘Body’ from position to flow as shown.

Step5: Now go to DATA--à Object --à Pagination

Click on Edit button. It opens a window as shown below.

Now click on plus button.

Now click on ‘Insert Sample Expression’ button as shown above with pink color, it shows fields.

Select CONNID field then the following code would be appearing on the space provided on the text editor automatically.

Now select the radio button before and for To field select TOP OF NEXT PAGE.

Click on ‘OK’ button.

Save and activate the form.

Step6: Execute the form.

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