Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Migration of an SAP Smart form to Adobe Form

This document gives an idea about migration of a smart form to an interactive form.

Step1: Go to transaction code SMARTFORMS and select the smart form to be converted into print adobe form.

Here the form name is ZTEST1.

Step2: Go to the next screen by clicking display button.

A text element and table are defined in this existing smart form.

Step3: Output of the smart form ZTEST1 is:

Step4: Now go to Utilities-àMigration--àInteractive Form-àExport in the initial screen of the smart form as shown below.

You will get popup.

Step5: Provide form name and interface name and click enter.

Step6: You will get settings window as shown below.

Select the necessary check boxes.

Select ‘OK’ button. It asks for package and provides the package. Save it.

Step7: Now go adobe form initial screen. Provide the interface name as mentioned above.

Step8: Go to properties tab. You get the default interface type is ‘Smart forms-Compatible Interface’ as shown.

Activate the interface and come out to initial screen.

Step9: Now provide the form name mentioned above in the initial screen.

Step10: Click on change button and following screen appears.

Delete the unnecessary empty folder from the context menu.


Step11: Go to layout tab,

Step12: Now go to properties tab,

When you try to activate the form, it gives some error message as ‘Unknown Layout Type’.

Change the layout type to Standard Layout as shown.

Activate the form and execute it

Step13: The output would be

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