Sunday, April 10, 2011

E-mailing the background jobs

This tutorial deals about the procedure in automatic e-mailing of the background jobs. The output of the background job is sent to the recipient as an email.

Consider the following simple program:

REPORT zbackground_test.

WRITE: 'hello team'.

We would schedule the above program as a background job and send the output of the same as an email.

Go to Transaction SM36.

Enter the job name.

Press Enter. Following popup screen appears:

Enter your program name as shown above and click on SAVE.

Click on Back button to navigate to the main screen.

Click on the button “Spool list recipient” as shown above.

Enter the name of the recipient to which the output to be sent.

Now come back to the main screen and click on “Start Condition”.

Select Immediate and click on save.

Save your job. Only after you save, the job would be set to status Released.

You can go to transaction SM37 to monitor the background job.

Now go to SAP inbox (transaction SBWP/SO01) to check the status of the background job:

In the above screenshot, you can observe an email related to the job we created earlier. Open the attachment to see the output of the background job:

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