Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating a simple eCATT test script using ABAP Objects

“I would like to explain about eCATT scenario on ABAP Objects. In this scenario I am explaining from Test Script Creation about ABAP Objects and the Command is “Createobj”. For this scenario we need to know about global classes or at least you should know about standard classes and I am not explaining about System data container. I explained in my previous scenario”.

Creating Test Script.

Go to Transaction “SECATT”.

Enter the test script named “ZTEST_OOABAP”.

Enter the Title, Component and System data Container.


  1. In the parameter list, create a parameter with the reference type that you want to instantiate.

  2. In the command editor, set the focus where the command is to be entered.

  3. Choose Pattern.

  4. In the Group field, choose ABAP Objects.

  5. In the Command field, choose CREATEOBJ.

  6. If you want to create a parameter, enter the name of the wanted class in the Class field.

  7. In the Object Instance Parameter field, enter the parameter name.

  8. Choose Enter.

  9. In the Interface field, accept or change the suggested name.

  10. Choose Enter.

The above process as shown in below screen

Save and Test the Object.

In the “Start Options” screen.

Press the “Execute” Button.

The result is as shown below.

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