Monday, February 7, 2011

Dialog processing after COMMIT WORK statement

How to perform dialog processing after commit work execution?

In general, we may come across the scenario where, some dialog processing needs to be done after transaction “commit work”. It’s explained here by considering a scenario.

After filling all necessary details in the delivery document, user clicks on “save” button to create a delivery document. If any dialog processing (like pop-up to fill some details) required upon successful execution of COMMIT WORK statement. In this case, we can approach below method.

Let me explain this by creating a custom class.

Create an event handler method in the custom class ZTEST_HANDLER for the event TRANSACTION_FINISHED of the standard class CL_SYSTEM_TRANSACTION_STATE.



Note: This event gets triggered as soon as the COMMIT WORK gets executed.

My custom class name : ZTEST_HANDLER

My event handler method: CALL_DIALOG (Event TRANSACTION_FINISHED of standard class CL_SYSTEM_TRANSACTION_STATE attached to this custom method)

1) Event handler method CALL_DIALOG

2) Event handler method: CALL_DIALOG detailed view

Once the COMMIT WORK for the transaction is executed, control comes to custom method CALL_DIALOG method. Here we can check whether transaction got committed successfully or rolled back by using interface parameter KIND as shown in below screen shot.

To get the control to the CALL_DIALOG method, we need to do SET HANDLER to register the event in any user exit before transaction COMMIT WORK execution.

Here in this case, I registered event in a BADI, which gets triggered after pressing SAVE button in the outbound delivery (VL01N/VL02N) and before COMMIT WORK execution.

Please find below screen shot of BADI method.

The Event TRANANSACTION_FINISHED of standard Class CL_SYSTEM_TRANSACTION_STATE and its parameters are shown in below screen shots:


Note: We can use IMPORT and EXPORT statements to transfer data from BADI to the method CALL_DIALOG.

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