Monday, August 29, 2011

Production Order Splitting

Production Order could be split due to following reasons:

  1. When partial lot of order is to be handled from the rest due to quality reasons.
  2. If capacity bottle necks exists.
  3. Material is committed for part of order qty.


  1. The split operations and the material assigned are copied into the child order.
  2. The structure of the parent order does not changes while the split off operations are copied into the child order

Status for parent order : SPLT
Status for the child order: SPLE
For operation : SPLT


  1. The parent order and the child order must be settled to same cost collector
  2. Read PP Master data is not possible
  3. Confirmations at header level is not possible

Steps to perform split:

  1. In OPL8 Set the indicator cost collector
  2. Default Rule -Periodic settlement(PP2)
  3. CK11N do standard cost estimate
  4. KKF6N Create cost collector
  5. Create production order with op10,20,30,40
  6. Go to op overview
  7. Select the op from which you want to split (exop20)
  8. Go to functions ----> Split order
  9. Enter the qty ,if necessary a different order type for the child order
  10. Execute
  11. Order will be splitted .
  12. The order can be splitted even from op10 itself
  13. Goto MD04
  14. Two orders will be created
  15. Go to op overview of each order and there you can see the splitting.

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