Thursday, February 10, 2011

SAP Scripts and Smart Forms Questions

SAP Scripts and Smart Forms Questions

  1. What is the difference between a script & a report ?
  2. What are the components/elements in sap script ?
  3. Can you create a script with out a main window ?
  4. How many main windows can be created for a script ?
  5. How can we use tables in sap scripts?
  6. How to print a logo in a sap script?
  7. When we need to modify standard scripts(eg:medruck) given by sap?
  8. What is the use of transaction code NACE in sap scripts?
  9. what is the table name that will contain all the script form names and print program names?
  10. Can you assign your own form to a standard print program? how?
  11. What is the use of PROTECT & ENDPROTECT?
  12. How to add extra functionality to a standard print program with out touching the print program?
  13. what is sub routine pool in sap script? when it is used?
  14. How to read text in sapscripts?
  15. What is the transaction code for logo uploading?
  16. what is the difference between paragraph & character format?
  17. How to use a sapscript for multiple languages ? (english, germany etc)
  18. How to download/upload sapscripts from & to your PC ?
  19. What is the difference between scripts & smart forms?
  20. What is the standard program used for uploading the logo to script?
  21. How can you send forms from one client to other?
  22. what does open_form, write_form, close_form do?
  23. How to convert a sapscript to smart form?
  24. How to send a smartform result through mail?
  25. how to select desired paper size in sapscript?

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