Thursday, February 3, 2011

Providing F4 help in the BSP Application

Step1: To provide f4 help for the input field, we have to add showHelp and onValueHelp attributes to the inputField tag. Provide the values to those attributes as shown below.

Step2: The attribute “onValueHelp” has to assign a function, which is to be defined. In this function, using the ‘’ statement, we can open a page as a window to the input field as F4 help.

Step3: Create a page with the name specified in the function getCustomer (). And in the event onRequest event handler get the data for f4 help.

Step4: To transfer the selected value in the f4 help window to the input field, we need to write a function which is mentioned in button tag.

Here, we define the function transf containing value of the parameter to be transferred in to input field. Now, we have to catch this parameter value in the main page by providing this code.

function transf (fval)


document.getElementById("ip_kunnr").value = fval;


Here, we are assigning the parameter value to the id of input field.

Step5: The code is to be written in first.htm is

In Layout

The code in customer.htm is

In layout:

Here, we have to use the attribute onClientClick and a function name is to be assigned to this attribute. In this function, we have to write the code for transfer the selected value in to the input field after pressing the button.

In onInputProcess:

In onRequest:


The output of the screen shots as shown below:

When press the button Press Me, then

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