Friday, March 25, 2011

Creating Search helps (Elementary and collective)

Go To SE11 T-code.

Select the radio button of search help.

Provide the search help name. Select the create button.

Select ELEMENTARY search help.

Press Enter.

Provide the short description, the selection method.

Provide the fields.

Save it, Check It & Activate it.

Then execute it.

We can see the screen like this, and then press F4 in this page.

Then press F4 View the output like this.

This is the output for elementary search help.

The Collective Search Help is like this.

Goto T-Code Se11.

Provide name. Select collective search help button.

Press enter.

Provide the Values

Select include search help.

Then provide search help name, which is already define by the same fields.

Then save it, activate it & execute it.

Press F4 we can see the output like this.

Diff Between Elementary search helps & Collective search helps

1) Elementary search helps describe a search path. The elementary search help must define where the data of the hit list should be read from (selection method), how the exchange of values between the screen template and selection method is implemented (interface of the search help) and how the online input help should be defined (online behavior of the search help).

2) Collective search helps combine several elementary search helps. Collective search help thus can offer several alternative search paths.

3) An elementary search help defines the standard flow of an input help.

4) A collective search help combines several elementary search helps. The user can thus choose one of several alternative search paths with collective search help.

5) A collective search help comprises several elementary search helps. It combines all the search paths that are meaningful for a field.

6) Both elementary search helps and other search helps can be included in a collective search help. If other collective search helps are contained in collective search help, they are expanded to the level of the elementary search helps when the input help is called.

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