Sunday, February 6, 2011

Development of Basic List Query using SAP Query

Step-by-step procedure in creating a simple list using SAP Query

1. Go to Transaction SQ01.

2. The title bar shows you the query group you are currently in.

3. Ensure that you are in the correct SAP Query area by navigating to Environment à Query Areas

4. In the field “Query”, enter the name of the query you want to create and press CREATE.

5. The InfoSets of the user group ZSAPTECH_GRP is displayed.

6. Select the InfoSet ZSAPTECH_IS and click ENTER.

7. Enter the title and any other notes that are required. Click on “Next screen” button as shown in the above screenshot.

8. All the field groups available with the InfoSet are listed above. We can select the field groups that need to be listed in the report.

9. Click on Next screen.

10. All the fields in the selected Field groups appear in this screen. We can select any particular fields we would like to have in our report.

11. Click on Next screen.

12. In this screen, we can select the fields to appear on the selection screen during execution of the report.

13. Click on the “Basic List” button to create a SAP Basic list query.

14. For each field, specify the line number and sequence number as you would like to appear on the report. You can also use this screen to indicate sort order, totals and counts (as necessary).

As shown above, the line structure would display the appearance of fields on the selection-screen.

15. Click on SAVE.

16. Click on EXECUTE button to execute the report. As it is seen on normal reports, here also the selection-screen appears.

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