Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Offline scenario to download an adobe form using Web Dynpro for ABAP

This is the offline interactive scenario where in user downloads the file from the browser and save it on desk top. After the filling the form by user then that form will be uploaded into SAP. Now here we will see how to download the file from the browser. To upload the filled-in PDF file, click here.

Step1: Go to SE80 and create Web Dynpro component ‘ZDOWNLOAD_FORM’ as shown.

Press enter. Then following screen will appear.

Press ‘Yes’ and provide the description.

Step2: Now go to context tab in Main view.

Create attribute ‘PDF_SOURCE’ of type XSTRING as shown below.

Step3: Select Insert element from ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER.

Select the element FileDownload as shown.

Click on Enter.

Step4: Now in the FileDownload properties window,

Map the DATA property as shown below.

Click on create binding tab against DATA property.

Select PDF_SOURCE from the CONTEXT.

Step5: Provide the filename which is either already exists in the MIME repository or place the file in the MIME repository which you want to be down loaded.

Placing the file in the MIME repository:

Select the MIME repository tab in the transaction SE80.

In SAP folder, select the folder WDR_TEST_ADOBE and place the file as shown below.

The following screen will appears. Select the file from desk top that you want to be down loaded from browser.

Click on Open button.

The following screen will appear.

Provide the description and save it.

Now if you check, the file ‘PersonnelInformationForm.pdf’ is placed under the folder WDR_TEST_ADOBE as shown.

Step6: The property tab of FileDownload is as shown below.

Step7: In the method ‘WDDOINIT’, write the following code.

Step8: Create the Web Dynpro application.

Step9: Execute the application.

Now click on the link. The PDF file would be open.

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