Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dropdown by Index using ALV in Web Dynpro for ABAP


Web dynpro application to demonstrate how to implement drop down by index using ALV.

Some times we may have a requirement to show the different values in each row of an ALV using Drop down. This is possible with dropdown by index using which we can assign different values to each and every row of an ALV. But it is quite different to implement in ALV. Where as in Table ui element we usually create one sub node under the parent node to fill the drop down values. In ALV we can not do the same instead we will take one additional attribute to which we will assign the value set.

Create a Web Dynpro component named as Z_ALV_DROPDOWN_INDEX and also create component usage for ALV.

Create a context node as shown in the figure. Create one additional attribute VALUESET with type WDR_CONTEXT_ATTR_VALUE_SET to hold the values for drop down along with required attributes.

Go to the Layout and insert View container element and named it as VCU_ALV.

Now go to the WDDOINT method to implement required logic.

Now go to window right click on view MAIN to embed the Interface controller view.

Now create an application to test the component and the output is.

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