Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dynamic views in a Window

Create a Web Dynpro component

Create a view with name view1 and save .

Create label with text View1

Create second view and create a label with text view2

Now go to main view, right click on the ROOTUI ELEMENT and create two trays.

Now go to tray and right click and create a link

Then set the properties of link as shown below

Also create an action called click_1.

Now create an outbound plug t0_view1 and save the application

Again go to main layout create one more link as earlier


And set the properties as below (create the text as hit me here and action as click2)

Now go to outbound tab and then create one more out bound plug.

Now go to main view and create a second tray.

Then create a UIcontainer in the tray2 as below

The application and go to the window you can see the following hierarchy

Now right click on the container1 and embed the view1 and secondview as below

Then again do the same

Now go to view1 and create inbound plug as below

Go to second view and create inbound plug as below

Now click on the to_view1 and right click and select the navigation

The following popup will come now select destination view then select second view

Similarly click on the view1 and create navigation.

Now create the Web Dynpro application

Then go to main view and select the methods and provide following code.

Save and activate then test the application

The output will be as follows

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