Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scenario on triggering a BTE when a vendor is changed (Transaction FK02)

In this tutorial, we would focus on triggering a BTE whenever a vendor data is changed (Transaction FK02)

Go to transaction FIBF or

IMG Menu Path: Financial Accounting ->Financial Accounting Global Settings->Business Transaction Events-> Environment-> Infosystem (Processes).

Click on execute. Look for the appropriate event that fulfills our requirement.

Double click on the corresponding BTE. Click on the Sample Function module.

Copy the interface into the custom function module (z*). The desired logic is coded in the custom function module. The interface of the function module should never be changed.

Additional logic can be coded in the function module. Save and activate the function module.

The next step is to create a Product that links the event with the function module. Products are created in the same transaction FIBF.

Click on the “New Entries” button.

Enter the product name description and RFC destination if applicable. The check box A is to activate the product.

The next step is to link the function module and the event using the product created. The path is shown below.

Click new entries and enter the event and the function module.

Testing the BTE. For our case go to transaction FK02, that changes the vendor data.

Make a small change in the existing vendor’s data.

Upon save, the BTE associated with the event will be triggered.

Apply a break point in the function module associated with the event to check the triggering.

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