Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Uploading Vendor Master Data using Direct Input Method

Go to transaction LSMW.

Click on “Create Entry”.

Create Project:

Click on “Continue”.

Create ‘Subproject’:

Click on “Continue” and create Object.

Click on Continue.

Click on Continue again.

1. Select the first step “Maintain Object Attributes” and click on “Execute”.

Here mention object and method in standard batch/Direct input radio button and press enter ,it will give standard program name . SAVE and go back.

Save and go back .

2. Select the step “Maintain Source Structures ” and click on “Execute”.

Save and Go back.

3. Select “Maintain Source Fields” and Execute

Place cursor on structure name and click on

Here mention the what ever fields we require and flat file should be in the same structure .

Save and come back.

Save and come back.

4 . Select “Maintain Structure Relations” and Execute :

Here to maintain structure relations click on BGR00 and ‘click relation ship’ as shown in above screen shot it will assigned to structure. Repeat this for all required relations in that screen.

5: Maintain field mappings and conversion rules ;

Nothing should be done in this step .(we will go for this step rarely).

6. specify files :

Here to specify files take file from legacy data ( on the pc front end ) .

click on legacy data and click create button. And browse for your flat file on your pc . (create flat file for your structure in second step.). here in imported data it will take only 45 characters .

7 : Assign Files

To assign files click cursor on structure and click assignment .it will assign to file .

8: Read Data

9: Display read data

10: Convert Data

  1. Display converted data.

  1. create the batch input session to create session.
  2. Run the batch input session to create session.

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