Thursday, February 3, 2011

Filtering the work items in the SAP inbox using BADI

This document details about the procedure in filtering some of the work items from the SAP inbox using a BADi.

Following is the screenshot of the SAP inbox, before implementing BADi:

The BADi that is used in filtering the work items is WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER. To implement the BADi, go to transaction SE18. From the menu, select Implementation à Create. (See the screenshot below)

Enter the implementation name and press ENTER

Enter any meaningful short text for the implementation and click on the tab “Interface”

The implementing class, ZCL_IM_BWP_SELECT_FILTER, is automatically proposed. Double click on the implementing class name.

You are now navigated to the class builder. Now double-click on the method name shown on the screen (see the snapshot below)

Now let us filter out the work items belonging to the task TS2000066. See the code below:

Activate the method and also the implementation. In the state of active, you wouldn’t be able to make any changes. To make any changes, we need to deactivate it and then make the changes.

Now check the inbox and would notice that the work items related to that task are no more appearing.

To notice the differences, try activating and deactivating the BADi implementation.

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