Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Can You Update Data in a View?

Can you update data in a view? The answer is no.
But if the question is "Can you update data in the underlying table through view?" The answer is then yes. SQL Server will allow you to update data in the underlying table through a view. The tutorial exercise below is a good example:

UPDATE fyi_links_top SET url = REVERSE(url) 
   WHERE id = 100001;

SELECT * FROM fyi_links_top;
id     counts  url
------ ------- -------------------------------------------
100001 1000001 moc.retneciyf.abd
36470  999966  dgqnvmy   pyjqd toqcoupuxortasdtzvcae jonfb
12292  999953     qebmw v qqmywe q  kza  wskxqns jnb 

SELECT TOP 1 * FROM fyi_links ORDER BY counts DESC;
id     url               notes counts      created
------ ----------------- ----- ----------- ----------
100001 moc.retneciyf.abd NULL  1000001     2007-05-19

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