Thursday, December 23, 2010

Extended notification configuration

Goto T-code SWNCONFIG.

Copy the STANDARD Category to ZMAILNOTIF and save as shown below.

Select the Category and choose Assigned Message Templates and choose One Message per Notification in Granularity and save as shown below.

Double click on Delivery Schedule in Dialog structure and create New Entries as shown below.

Double click on Subscription Basic Data and create New Entries for as shown below. Mention the delivery schedule which created previously.

Double Click on Subscription Settings in Dialog Structure and give ATTACH1 in SHOW_INBOX_AS if you need to open the inbox from the attachment of the mail. If you do not want any attachment to open work item, leave the values as blank.

Double click on Filter Basic Data and create New Entries for Workflow Scenario as shown below.

Double click on Filter Settings and give X to Delta parameter.

Double click on Schedule Selection and give the filter value and choose in which are all days it should schedule to send the notification and on what interval.

The below screenshots are as per standard settings and no need to do anything on that.

In SE38 tcode create a variant for program SWN_SELSEN and enable the check-box option No Time Check During Send and save the variant.

Schedule this program in background job in SM36 with variant for every 15 minutes or what interval needed.

Before testing, check whether the services provided in below link are active in SICF.

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